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Saperavi Grape Variety

Saperavi red wine is one of the most outstanding wines in Georgia. The wine got its name directly from the Saperavi grape variety, which is its basis. Saperavi means paint, which confirms a key characteristic of both grape varieties and wines.

Usually, red grapes in the section are whitish or greenish. Saperavi is distinguished by its ruby-colored pulp. This is what gives Saperavi wine an extraordinary purple hue with a violet tint. Because of its deep dark color, Georgian peasants even call red wine black.
The traditional method of making Saperavi is maturation of wine in qvevri placed in the ground, that is, in national clay jugs.
Saperavi's taste includes berry notes: in a bright palette and prunes, and blackberries and black currants. This combination makes the bouquet truly unique and recognizable from the first sip. Having tried it once, you will not be able to forget this bright taste melody.